Outer Banks Productions wants to thank everyone that has commented and called in about their great time with our photo booth since 2012! We are so glad you had a great time and took the time to let us know though letters, emails and phone calls! These reply’s mean the world to us! Don’t forget your friends can receive a 10% discount if they mention your event!


Doug & Michelle, thank you so much for your great work with our wedding photography & photo booth! Everyone had such a great time and said you two were so on it! The images are wonderful and we are so glad we went with Outer Banks Productions for everything!

Joyce & Ben Salomon


Outer Banks Productions,We can’t thank you enough!!!!! Everything looks great! The photo booth saved the reception and the prints are first class. Loved the customization on the prints also. Everyone had such a great time. We will definitely recommend you to our friends if they decide to get married on the OBX!

Chelsey Moore


Doug, I wanted to write you about the photo booth and tell you what a great job you did! We had no idea we would win the raffle. Initially we did not want to pay the extra for a photo booth but since we won it, everyone got excited. It was such a hit, the props and pics were so awesome, I want you to know we are sending you a little something because we are so grateful! Please check the mailbox soon as our gift is on the way. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Tara Mekosh


Douglas, the photo booth blew everyone’s mind! I know it got a little out of hand and everyone was drunk (Doug Haber adds, “That’s an understatement! LOL!”) but we love the photos so much and everyone had a blast. I have no idea where you got all the props, but they were SWEET! Thanks again for making our wedding such a blast. Definitely going on the Knot to recommend you.

Jay Thompson


Michelle, WOOOO, that photo booth was so hot! My bridesmaids really worked your intern, Shane over. Hahaha! Shane was so great, he helped everyone get the booth shots and all the props. We just love all the images and the great service. We looked at some other guys, but you had the best prices and we couldn’t be happier. My mom is so glad she decided to add on the booth. Thanks for the great wedding photos and video!

Kim Reynolds


Hey Doug, thank you for the great photography last week! Karen was super excited and had no idea you guys could take so many pictures. I talked to all my guests and they also loved the photo booth. Cool props dude! Thanks for making Karen’s day so awesome! Dave Blanchard. PS, can we get extra prints of the photo booth made?

Dave Blanchard


Outerbanksproductions, we loved the photo booth! Everyone thought the photo strips were really nice and tons of cool props. Really appreciate the customizing of our date. Had no idea. Great surprise. Thanks a lot! Can’t wait to get the disk.

Bill Futch


Doug & Michelle. we had no idea what to expect but all of my bridal party told me point blank that I needed a photo booth. I found your site and the price was right! Everyone else had a tent but your open air booth was awesome because all of the guests could see the happenings and I really feel it helped bring everyone in. The high resolution images are awesome and much better than my best friends images that were apparently shot with a webcam. Your top notch equipment really made the whole deal. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience! 

Lindsey Haffner 


Doug, thanks for reaching out! Yes, the photo booth was a big hit at our wedding. I wanted to see if I could wright some reviews but I have been overwhelmed with work and moving. My mother (Tara) who hired you told me at first that she was really happy with your email response time. She said you replied at 2:00 a.m. in like 2 minutes. I knew she had found the right company. I had no idea about a tent vs an open-air photo-booth but at the reception, all I saw was a line of my (Drunk) guests (So sorry for Shane!!!) and everyone kept trying to out-d0 everyone else. The whole thing was a total hit and we would have paid double for it! Great job Outer Banks Productions on our awesome photo booth experience! 


Bonnie Tsang


Michelle, thank you so much for suggesting us to add on the photo booth to our photography package. Hal did not add the expense but his father just passed away and that photo of him and his father was awesome! Hal cried and told me he never had  a chance to get such a silly photo like that with his father. Your photo booth really made a lasting impression and we are just so grateful!  Thank you so much! 


Samantha – Reno – Smith


 Doug, yea, the booth was a smash! Thank you a million!

Dave Johnson 


Shelly, everyone had fun with the booth and since I started posting the photo booth pics on FB, I can’t find enough time to reply to everyone!!! The pics were a huge hit! Michael said it would be a waist of money but your booth made him eat his hat! LOL!!! thank you so much and we will be back in Nags Head next summer to get family portraits because I am now 4 months pregnant!!! 

Kathy Fox