Q: What events do you rent the photo booth for?

A: We rent the photo booth for weddings, company parties, birthday parties, grand openings and any other event you can dream of.

Q: I’m undecided and not sure we want to spend the money for a photo booth. What’s your advice?

A: Truth be known, we added this FAQ because it gets asked to us all the time. Yes, it is true we want your business, but we also want you and your guests to have a great time and have it be worth the money and not a distraction from your celebration.

So here is our very honest and candid response. The photo booth serves two purposes. First, it provides fun for you and your guests! There is no doubt that we have witnessed several small weddings, with lots of kids and the photo booth saved the event because there was not a lot planned and the photo booth kept the kids and small number of adult guests entertained.

IF your event is scheduled with a LOT of special events, and you need everyone’s attention for most of the event, you have to understand that the photo booth, traditionally is very popular and that it could be a distraction to your special events. I know that sounds like information that could cause you to not book a photo booth but we just want to tell you the truth and the truth is that people love the photo booth so much. We really want our photo booth to be an enhancement and not a distraction.

Q: What is an “Open Air” photo booth? 

A: The name may seem deceiving but our setup has been named “Open Air” photo booth by the industry. Basically, there is a machine that takes the photos and is operated by our staff. The guests choose from the props that we provide and stand in front of a backdrop. This is where the term, “Open Air”photo booth comes from because there is no “booth” or “tent”, it’s open air!

Q: Why is an “Open Air” photo booth better than a traditional photo booth? 

A: The first reason is that you can get lots of people in the photos! 10 people is common and they’ve squeezed in 12, but that was a miracle. The second reason is that all the guests that are not in the photos can watch the action and that ALWAYS translates into all the guests wanting to get involved. It’s truly a blast for everyone!

Q: Can the photo booth be operated outside?

A: Only in very limited circumstances. If this is a concern, please contact us with your specific details and we can discuss all the options.

Q: Are props provided?

A: Yes! We provide all the props and often, the wedding couple will sometimes decide to provide their own props because of a special theme.

Q: Are scrapbooks, markers and glue sticks provided?

A: Possibly. When we first started, we provided a scrapbook for the guests to glue the photo strips into. Many of the original wedding couples wished that they had the ability to choose their own, favorite design so we stopped offering that option. If you wish to have Outer Banks Productions, provide the scrapbook, markers and glue sticks, just let us know and we will discuss the possible options. We are very flexible!

Q: How long does it take for photo strips to be printed?

A:  Printing starts directly after each session and the whole process, for really high quality prints, takes about 15 seconds. There are 2 strips that will printed and one can be handed to someone in the shot and one copy is saved for the wedding couple.

Q: Can re-prints be made for all the people in the photos?

A: Technically, yes but we only do that at very small events when there are not a lot of people. The great news is that the wedding couple will receive each and every shot, in high resolution format and so the guest can easily get a copy from the wedding couple. We are currently working on a system to allow downloads and will announce that here, once it is in place.

Q: How many shots can the guests take?

A: You and your guest can take unlimited shots for the entire duration of your event.

Q: Who runs the photo booth?

A: Outer Banks Productions will supply a photo booth specialist to run the entire operation for the entire time that you purchase. Outer Banks Productions hosts will help explain the process and ensure that you get the best use of your photo booth.

Q: How is Outer Banks Productions’ photo booth different from other photo booth rentals in the area?

A: We offer an “Open Air Photo Booth” which means there is no “Tent” or “Booth”. This allows us to have a large number of people in the shot, which makes it really fun for everyone! On top of that, the guests that are not in the shots can watch all the action and this tends to really get everyone involved. We need to set up the photo booth in an indoor area that is approximately 10’x10′.

Q: What type of equipment does Outer Banks Productions’ photo booth use?

A: Only the best! Our photo booth offers a professional dye-sublimation printer and digital SLR camera unlike those using cheap consumer printers and webcams. Also we use a professional strobe (flash) which offers great lighting and very nice skin tones. You will be impressed!

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